Jackson Hole Wedding Planner

Wedding favors are so fun!  And what a nice way to thank your guest for sharing in your special day.  Plus, it gives them one more way to remember your fabulous wedding!  Here are a few that we think are absolutely adorable!

For a fall wedding, hot cocoa mix with marshmallows will warm them up!

Everyone loves coffee!  (Or, at least, they should.)  Your guests can reminisce about the night before over a cup of your brew.

Seed paper will continue to remind them as they watch their flowers/herbs/plants grow… just like your love :).

This is a particularly good idea for Jackson or other outdoorsy area weddings.  Water bottles they can take out on the trail!

Homemade jam is a great one.  Want to localize your favor?  How about huckleberry?

Who doesn’t love pretty soap?  

And for that matter, booze.  Homemade limoncello is always a crowd pleaser.

Homemade granola is super sweet, too!

Set up a table with pretty apothecary jars and fill them with cookies & candy.  Your guests will thank you when they get that late night craving.

I love the idea of local Wyoming honey.  And these jars are super cute too!

Real vanilla extract is super simple to make.  You just need a cup of alcohol (like vodka or rum) and 3 vanilla beans per person.  Make sure to let your mixture infuse for at least a month.

Individual tiny pies?!  Yes, please!

Here’s another cute idea for a Jackson Hole wedding.  Trail mix bar!

If you’re a music loving couple, how about the sound track to your lives?!  All your favorite (love) songs!

I guess I’m just not over succulents yet.  Adorable.

Talk about simple & inexpensive!  Popcorn!  (You could even pop it and flavor it and put it in cute little bags with personalized stickers.)

Jackson Hole Wedding Planner