Jackson Hole Wedding Planner

Ever wonder how in the heck you’re supposed to choose a Jackson Hole wedding photographer when there are so many talented people in the valley?  When you think about it, there’s a lot more to it than simply liking the images on someone’s website. I mean, this person is going to be hanging out with you….. all day….. on one of the biggest days of your life. And at this point, he or she is, more than likely, a complete stranger to you. Not only that, but they’re also supposed to capture every special moment of the day… which is pretty much every moment… which means that they’re going to be all up in your bidnezz… all day.

So how do you choose? Follow these steps:

Check out their online portfolio. Do you like their style? Is it more romantic? Is it scenic? Do they use different angles? Or is it straight forward? Do you like how the bridal party is posed? Is it too contrived? Not contrived enough?

TIP:  Ask your Jackson Hole wedding planner for suggestions.  She’s probably worked with them all and knows their many styles and personalities.  Plus, she can easily give recommendations of some that you may not have found on your own online.  

-Call to set up an appointment with 2-3 photographers.  Do they still have your date available?  After all that research, I hope so!

-At the meeting. How do you jive with them? Are you comfortable talking to them? Remember that they’re going to be with you ALL DAY. Almost as much as your new husband/wife. You must get a good vibe and be comfortable being yourself around them.

-Now ask about pricing. Do they fit in your budget? Do they have an option or package that does? Photographers will mostly have multiple options that can fit several budgets and can be flexible to an extent.  They might offer more or less prints with your package or more or less hours of shooting to make it work for you.

Phhheeewwww!  You’ve done it!  You’ve found THE ONE… Sign the contract!  Your Jackson Hole wedding is going to be photographed beautifully!  And see my tips (coming soon!) on things to talk about with your photographer BEFORE the big day!



Jackson Hole Wedding Planner