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Fall is upon us!  So I thought I’d share some ideas about properly incorporating a fall staple, namely the pumpkin, into wedding decor.  You see, there’s a right way, and there’s a wrong way to do it.  Here are examples of both!


The Right Way

As a small part of the table decor like using tiny pumpkins for place card holders or name cards can be a great idea!



I especially love this one… clean and simple.




Or as a small part of the centerpiece.  Note that none of these are orange.  I think orange pumpkins can be overwhelming and more difficult to incorporate into your tablescape in an elegant way.




In the image below, white, decorated pumpkins are acting as vases.  Normally I would say, “no way” but it works here.  This tabletop manages to be both gaudy and rustic.  And it totally works!



Keeping the pumpkins natural here is nice and simple when combined with branches, hay bales, and lights.  It’s a nice idea for inexpensive general decor.



I also like the multi-colored pumpkins lining the walkway to the reception.  Super cute for a fall barn wedding.



The combination of the white gourds and pumpkins along with the green foliage works in lieu of flowers to line the aisle.  Different shapes in the same color palette lends dimension and interest.





The Wrong Way

Now for the fails!

This is why I think pumpkins should not be used for vases.  And certainly not to simply stuff a potted plant into!  Overkill with red, yellow and orange makes this pathway decor totally tacky.



Again, bad idea to stuff your pumpkins with tall flowers.  Yikes.



Hehe.  I find this kind of silly!  Just use a basket or birdcage, people!


Trying to make a pumpkin a romantic scene is maybe just a bad idea.



And unless the person getting married at the end of this aisle is an actual witch, this just frightens me!  Spooky!



So long as this was just one silly photo and not this couple’s ‘thank you’ note pic, I guess I’ll let it slide.  🙂


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